Tenant Property Coverage Requirement

Make sure your Tenant Protection Plan contents coverage is adequate.  
  1. The Facility doesn't carry insurance for your personal or business stored goods (none do).  Offered Protection Plans are there for your benefit.  Note that coverage only applies to accounts in good standing (not late or in default) at time of any claim.
  2. Add valuable coverage for only a few dollars per month per $1000 coverage.  See all the coverage scenarios below.
  3. This would likely offset your homeowners or renters policy limited coverage (if you have that) or deductible, and is essential for fire, tornado, theft and other events that no storage facility would insure for you.  This coverage pays in addition to your insurance.
  4. Add some additional peace of mind for yourself like so many others already have!   Just call or text 417-332-0006, or email Manager@BHS417.com and we can help you out with this.

SafeLease Tenant Protection Program Information

See below for SafeLease Tenant Protection Program effective April 1 2023

New Protection Plans available! (per all provisions below)
Per February 2023 mailed notification, the prior Protection Plan ("Securelease") expires 3/31/2023.  New base SafeLease coverage of $1000 ($6/month) will be applied and corresponding $6/month promo credit back by us will also be applied.  This continues our first '$1000 included' benefit.  This is an exceptional plan which can potentially offset any of your other insurance deductibles or prevent claims to your other policies.  Plans are now newly available for parking spaces which can also potentially pay for catalytic converter thefts.  Add more coverage via your online account after April 1, or call or text the office at 417-332-0006.  After 10/1/2023, plans will need to be brought up to the $2000/$12 minimum required by this new program (and due to replacement inflation), but $6 promo credit will still be applied as a benefit by us.

Your future invoices will show a line item for the Protection Plan and a line showing our discount for the first $1000 of coverage.  In the past, Protection Plan for extra coverage was billed and charged separately from monthly rent.  It will now be all together in one charge.
Per-unit opt out of this valuable coverage is done by uploading your own insurance declaration page on this web page.

We are excited about this new, improved coverage program and we hope you are, too!   More info below.

Tenant Protection