Scary Storage Information

There is a lot that can set one storage facility apart from another.  Over the years we have learned that tenants feel safer when a facility has really good security, lighting, and policies.  We have learned that tenants relate to facilities being 'scary' at certain times.  There are many telltale signs that show the history of thefts in a facility.   Obviously, thefts bring about more uneasiness about the place and the people there.  See the following lists for things to watch out for when picking a place to store your possessions.   We still have some signs from before we began ownership in mid-2017.  No new ones since then.

Theft Markers

Break-ins very seldom are done without leaving behind damage.  Look for these things to determine if a place has a theft problem:
  • Damaged latches
  • Damaged doors
  • Chain-link fence irregularities (sags, gaps, mismatches)
  • Building metal with diagonal creases (where side entry occurred)
  • Management office keeping copies of keys
  • Facility with open or no fence is a very uncontrolled situation
  • No live cameras -- ask for proof of live operation for your own safety!
Other things that should be must-haves for you:
  • Complete perimeter fencing
  • Lighting on all drives or building corridors
  • Automatic keypad-controlled gates and doors (which are actually working and closed most times)
  • Many live cameras.  Most places have too few or use dummy cameras.
  • Some type of secondary security system beyond cameras.
  • Limited overnight access - not 24/7 - this allows for far better security.
  • Empty units are secured also.
  • Management office does not hold keys to units.
  • Gate codes which don't match phone numbers.
  • A detailed up-to-date lease is used -- this protects you also.
  • Disc locks are required.  Regular U-shaped locks are easy to break and cut.
  • Limited use of open-slide DCI latches (easy to cut also).  Unfortunately, these are very common.
  • Frequent management visits proven by cleanliness and upkeep.