Comparisons of Value

Branson Hills Storage

  • Expands your home's free space and value
  • Surrounded by multi-layer security fencing
  • Lighted 24/7*
  • Active high-resolutions cameras 24/7*
  • Added security motion sensors*
  • Strong fire-prevention policies
  • Strong security policies
  • Frequent on-site personnel
  • Remote monitoring*
  • Controlled access
  • Fully paved
  • Active rodent prevention
  • Rodent-proof units available
  • Best winter access
  • Great tenant feedback about the quality and security
There's no place like Branson Hills Storage for protecting your belongings!

*Features may not be active 100% of the time

Your Garage

  • No fencing?
  • No cameras?
  • No motion sensors?
  • Flammables throughout?
  • No call-center notification?
  • No remote monitoring?
  • Rodent prevention?
  • Easily broken into.
  • Clutter or using valuable space.
Improve your home's value and space via quality self-storage at Branson Hills Storage!

Other Facilities

  • No fencing or gates
  • Only weak chain-link fencing
  • Few or inactive cameras
  • No motion sensors
  • No on-site management
  • No remote monitoring
  • Uncontrolled 24/7 access (can be scary!)
  • Poor lock policies
  • Poor fire-prevention policies
  • Unpaved - dusty
  • Poor winter access
  • No rodent prevention
Some facilities create greater risks for your belongings.