The Secrets Are Out...

Double-layered fencing throughout and fence line sensors
Exterior building walls secured with industrial steel rivets
50+ active 24/7 motion-sensing continuous-record ultra-high resolution cameras with extended range night vision
Motion-sensing lights and multiple alarms/sirens
30+ other alert generating motion sensors accurately operational in all weather conditions
Full remote monitoring, vision, gate control, and communication capabilities
Automatic police notification (when applicable)
Robust lighting throughout and protection during power and wifi outages
6-pin high-strength disc locks in use
*Cameras and motion-sensors may not be monitored 24/7. No feature is operational 100% of the time.
Tenant Watch Program. If you see something suspicious do let us know.
The high-resolution cameras can make out faces, license plates, smokers, and even car make/model/door signage onsite and from highway entrance! Some have rotation and zoom.
Info update: Because of rampant catalytic converters thefts elsewhere, most of our parking spaces are also surrounded by alarm-activating motion sensors.
Interior unit walls secured with rivets or opposing screws (for new move-ins).