Claim Instructions


Steps required to file a property claim.  Follow them carefully.  All steps required in order.  This must be YOUR claim. 
1. If theft, take photos of your unit and the disturbed boxes, items, latch damage, and lock tampering to show evidence of an actual break-in.  If not theft, photos of items in the unit or on-site are still required.
2. Contact office to notify us, get your gate code changed (if theft), get unit secured again, and schedule a time for us to see your unit and take more pictures and video.
3. If theft, call Taney County Sheriff at 417-546-7250 to get the required police report filing started.  They will come inspect also.
4. Send an email to us at so we can reply with the claim form for you to fill out.
5. Fill out claim form including the listing of stolen or damaged items and their values.  Be sure to complete the affidavit\statement of events page and sign it.
6. Mail or deliver this all as ONE paper packet:  Police report, claim form, printed photos.  Get your packet to us at Branson Hills Storage, 4030 State Hwy 248, Branson, MO 65616.  Pictures you email to us will not be used.
7. We will add our photos and statements and send the packet to OnTheMove SecureLease for you for processing and possible payment.  We will not print any of your forms or photos.  Our added statement needs to support the claim.  If we see no evidence of break-in, water damage, or vermin our statement will reflect that.  (Mold is not covered - because some people store stuff wet).
8.  You must be a current, paid-up tenant (i.e. have not moved out or missed payment) upon notifying of us of starting a claim.

Important!  In order to prevent non-acceptance your packet must contain all parts, your signature, and your rental account must be current (cannot be in late status) as of the incident date.  You must call us the day of the incident and provide us a chance to support your claim.  If you disturb the scene it makes the outcome more uncertain.  Filing false claims can result in insurance fraud.

If we discover a theft at your unit before you do then we will take photos and video, attempt to put your items back in your unit, and attempt to secure the latch again.  If it cannot be secured we will do our best to offer you another unit to move to.

Don’t take this as a common event. It is at other Taney County storage facilities but not here.  We have not had a theft in over five years, before many advanced security features were added.